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Artist: Switchblade Symphony
Song: Invitation
Album: The Three Calamities
Plays: 37

Invitation by Switchblade Symphony off of their final studio cd, The Three Calamities.

07.07.14 10

Gutter Glitter live by Switchblade Symphony. More concert footage can be seen on their Sweet Little Witches DVD.

06.26.14 12
Artist: Switchblade Symphony
Song: Nightshift
Album: Clown Single
Plays: 209

Switchblade Symphony covering the Siouxie and the Banshees song Night Shift on the Clown single.

06.16.14 49

Switchblade Symphony performing Clown live. Date and venue unknown although it seems to be from 1997 with their tour with Front Line Assembly, perhaps a halloween show based on their outfits?

06.14.14 7
Artist: Switchblade Symphony
Song: Numb (Recorded At Brilliant Studios)
Album: Scrapbook
Plays: 43

Numb by Switchblade Symphony from their cassette tape Elegy and limited edition Scrapbook release.

04.16.14 7
Artist: Switchblade Symphony
Song: Novocaine
Album: Sweet Little Witches
Plays: 21

One of the only times the rare song Novocaine is played by Switchblade Symphony, from the live cd Sweet Little Witches.

Oh this is my novocaine, pour me please my novocaine.

04.09.14 1
03.09.14 35
03.09.14 1
03.09.14 6
03.09.14 5